The NHSC Summer League 2019 Registration begins Monday, March 25th. 



Currently we have teams from Maine, NH, VT and MA, making up the 85-team league. There are 5 male divisions, 3 female divisions, 1 Adult Co-Ed Division and this year we're adding a new High School Co-Ed Division. It is truly a great league with great people.  




Once you receive the initial email in March, you can begin the process. To register a team to play in NHSC it costs $175 for Sr. Division and $125 for High School Division teams. Most teams get a local sponsor to help defray the costs.  Also, a team representative, that's you, usually collects one game fee (currently $80/$70, depending on Division) from each player.  The only other costs would be a team shirt - most buy t-shirts with the sponsors name on it and a jersey number, shorts and socks.  When all is said and done, it costs somewhere in the vicinity of $1400 for a team playing 12 to 14 games.  You need at least 10 games to qualify for the playoffs.  You only need a home field if you want home games - that's up to you.  The playoffs are played at the higher seeded team’s field.  The finals are played at the Henniker Soccer Club fields in Henniker, NH.




How far you travel for games is up to you. You will make your own schedule by emailing other teams during the months of March and April.  You will pick and choose where and who you play. There are times when I may ask if you'd like to go to "such and such" place.  Even with a request from me, you have the final decision on who you choose to play.




The question about insurance and player cards always comes up.  Our league does not require teams or players to have insurance.  Of the participating teams last summer, most of them had insurance.  Of these teams, a good number were required to have insurance by the owners of the fields where they played their home games.  Insurance is up to you and your team. Also, the league does not require player cards. Our league is more focused on players playing versus all of the management tie-downs.  Register your team, complete the adding of your team roster on your team’s web page and that’s all that’s necessary. 



Again, I cannot stress enough, the NHSC DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY INSURANCE FOR PLAYERS, COACHES, FIELDS, FANS or anything else associated with playing in the NHSC.




Our assigner, Steve Rossetti, is responsible for assigning all game officials.  The officials are current NHSOA (same New Hampshire Soccer Officials who do all high school games) and NISOA (college) officials.  We use the 2-man system during the regular season and up to the semi finals.  For the semi final and finals we use the 3-referee or diagonal system. During the regular season and part of the post season game officials will cost you $80.00/$70.00 (depending on Division) per game that you play.  You pay for one referee (cash only) and the opposing team pays for the other referee.  Game fee payment will be made before the game begins.




This year, the season officially begins on May 12th.  Most high school teams will not begin play until school is over. The NHIAA does not allow teams to be coached "off-season" until ALL school spring athletics have completed for the school.  I'm not sure about other state rules. The regular season ends during the last week of July and the post season lasts as long as you continue to win (no more than 3 weeks). We have a central location for the championship games in Henniker.  Opening, Quarter-Final and Semi-Final games will be played at the home of the higher seeded team. This year the semis will be held on the weekend of August 3rd and 4th.  Men's and Women's High School divisional Finals will be held on Sunday, August 4th, while all other divisional Finals will be held the following Sunday, August 11th.  If divisions have more than 16 teams we try to break up the division into regions - north, south, east and west to cut down on travel.




I will be sending out the initial 2019 Summer League email on or before March 19th.  This email will have all the information you will need to register your team, all of the important dates and all other information that is good to know.  If you have any questions before or after that email, don't hesitate to ask. A great deal of information you may be looking for can be found on our website.




This league is solely dependent upon emails and our web site.  The majority (99.9%) of communications will be done via email.  With that said, it is important you get into the habit of checking your email at least twice a day, before and during the season.  We continue to revamp our on-line system, enhancing your team's home page with standings updated automatically once results are posted. .  That's right; you will have your very own team web page, containing your game schedule as well as your team's stats.  The long and the short of it is - this system will be informative, up to the minute accurate and incredibly easy to get around.  This is awesome!




I will put your email address in my database so you will receive all league emails.  What I need from you is: 



Mailing Address

Work Phone

Cell Phone




I will also need to know which division you are thinking of playing in.


Men’s Division One - A majority of college level and/ or elite players.

Men’s Division Two - A mix of college and non college aged players.

Men’s Division Three - Over 30 years of age.  Players must turn 30 during the regular season to be eligible

Adult Co-Ed Open Division - All ages and abilities are welcome in this division

Men’s Division Four (HS varsity players) - High school players who will be juniors or seniors during the fall season 2010 or younger. (June '19 Graduates are considered STILL IN high school.)

Men’s Division Five (HS junior varsity players) - Designed for players who are in upper middle school, freshman, or sophomores in high school. Intended for the sub varsity level player.

High-School Co-Ed Division - High School players are welcome in this division.  As with the above High School divisions, June '19 graduating seniors are eligible for this division.

Men’s Division Six - For players 12 years old or younger.






Women’s Division One - A mix of college level and/or varsity high school elite players.

Women’s Division Two - (HS varsity players) - A combination of post high school players and high school players who will be seniors during the fall season 2010 or younger. (June '19 Graduates are considered STILL IN high school.)

Women’s Division Three - Over 30 years of age. A maximum of 2 players from age 25 to 30 may be on the field at any one time. *** DUE TO LACK OF TEAMS, THERE WILL BE NO WOMEN'S D3 DIVISION THIS SEASON ***

Women’s Division Four - (HS junior varsity players) - Designed for players who are in upper middle school, freshman, or sophomores in high school. Intended for the sub varsity level player.

Women’s Division Five- For players 12 years old or younger. 




Jim Rauscher

NHSC President

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