From here on in this email all words in CAPS means it is a link on the webpage(s)


Go to the summer league home page
On the top right hand side underneath LEAGUE CALENDAR or underneath the NHSC soccer ball click on LOGIN


Login: Your Team Name
Password: *****
Then use the drop down menu to show TEAM and click LOGIN


Once in:


***On left side***

MESSAGES- Internal messaging to other teams and/or refs

SEND MESAGE- to send a message internally

VIEW MESSAGES- to view message internally

***One right side***

VIEW SCHEDULE- view your entire schedule (home and away) along with referees who will be working your game(s)

ADD/EDIT GAMES- self explanatory
                   0.) Click on Link ADD/EDIT GAMES
                   1.) On the top underneath LOGOUT put a number in the box of the amount of home games only you want to add into the system. If you have 5 home games, type in 5. Click CREATE.
                   2.) Choose your FIELD using drop down menu in the first game
                   3.) Choose your OPPONENT using the drop down. If you don’t see them you have the wrong name or they haven’t registered.
                   4.) Click in the DATE/TIME space and a new window will open. Use the CALENDAR ICON to choose your date and click FIND. The page will refresh. Scroll down to find your field name and choose the appropriate time box BY CLICKING ONCE in that box you want the game to start.

***important - now close that window (if it doesn’t close by itself) and you will see the correct DATE/TIME listed in the first game space ***

                   5.) Click UPDATE on the bottom of the page to save
                   6.) Repeat as needed



VIEW REFEREE INFORMATION - This is where you find referee contact information, in case you need to contact an assigned referee.


EDIT MY TEAM- This is where you can edit your team page that everyone sees and you can also change your password


MODIFY PLAYER ROSTER- You must put a player jersey number with each player or the system won’t let you enter it. Please add a zero in front of single digit player numbers (01,02, etc.) Also you must designate at least one goalkeeper by “GK”. If your goalkeeper is a field player as well  enter it in as 05/GK, 12/GK, etc.


PHOTOS - This is where you can upload team images to your team's web page.
1.) Enter a name for the image in the Name: field
2.) Click the browse button to select the image file from your hard disk
3.) Click the "Upload" button


You may also delete uploaded images by using the "Delete Selected Images" button



LOGOUT- self explanatory


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