All players listed on your roster must have first and last names and a unique jersey number. You must designate at least one goalkeeper by “GK”.



When adding jersey numbers from 0 to 9 please add a “0” before the number (example: 00, 01, 02, etc.)


Players playing on TWO or MORE TEAMS…


Any player may play for more than one team in a DIFERENT division in the same season.  One exception is Goalkeepers.  Goalkeepers may double roster on multiple teams within the same division, as goalkeepers only.  This means they may not be a field player on one team and a goalkeeper on another team, both within the same division


At the start of the POST SEASON, double rostered players must choose ONE TEAM to play with, regardless of how far into the post season that team progresses.


Any other roster questions/answers can be found online at the BY-LAWS link or by contacting me via email.


From here on in this email all words in CAPS means it is a link on the webpage(s)


Go to the summer league home page

On the top right hand side underneath LEAGUE CALENDAR or underneath the NHSC soccer ball click on LOGIN

Login: Your Team Name
Password: *****
Then use the drop down menu to show TEAM and click LOGIN

Once in:

***One right side of page***




You must put a player jersey number with each player or the system won’t let you enter it. If you don’t have numbers yet, just add in any number and you (or I can fix it at a later date)


Please add a zero in front of single digit player numbers (01,02, etc.)
Also you must designate at least one goalkeeper by “GK”. If your goalkeeper is a field player as well enter it in as 05/GK, 12/GK, etc.


Add First and Last name in the appropriate spots
Add jersey number

Repeat as necessary.



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