Sportsmanship is a vital component for success in every contest. Participants are expected to display good sportsmanship toward opponents and the officials at all times. The NHSC Executive Board has developed the Sportsmanship Rating System with the purpose of making each individual participant responsible for his/her actions while participating in any NHSC event. This emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship and fair play over "win at all costs" mentality. The Rating System is based on the following criteria:

Any team receving a yellow card in a match cannot receive higher than a 3.0 rating for the game

Any team who receives a red card in a match cannot receive higher than a 1.0 rating for the game

Any player receiving a red card for stopping an obvious goal scoring opportunity by handling the ball, his/her team cannot receive higher than a 3.0 rating for the game

Any player receiving a red card due to second yellow card, his/her team cannot receive higher than a 3.0 rating for the game

The executive board has final say in individual game and season ratings.


4 Points - Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship: Players cooperate fully with the officials and opposing team members. If necessary, the Team Representative converses calmly with officials about rule interpretations and calls.

3 Points - Good Conduct and Sportsmanship: Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension which may or may not merit a Yellow Card. Teams that receive one Yellow Card will receive no higher than a 3.0 rating.

2 Points - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship: Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team which may or may not merit a Yellow Card. Team Representative exhibits minor control over his/her teammates, but is in control of him/herself. Teams receiving multiple Yellow Cards will receive no higher that a 2.0 rating.

1 Point - Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship: Team constantly comments to the officials and/or the opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team Team Representative exhibits little or no control over teammates or him/herself. Teams that receive one Red Card will receive no higher than a 1.0 rating.

0 Points - Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship: Team is completely uncooperative. Team Representative has no control over teammates and/or him/herself. Any of them causing a game to be forfeited, other than by not showing, or any team that receives multiple Red Cards may receive an 0.0 rating.


Each Team Representative should choose his/her team members carefully, as all team members will suffer the consequences of any disciplinary action taken by the NHSC Executive Board against a team for violation of the rules. A Team Representative is responsible for actions by an individual member of the team as well as for spectators directly related to that team. This includes conduct of all players and spectators before, during, and after a game. If a team does not maintain a "2.74" average throughout the regular season the team may not be eligible for the playoffs at the end of the season.



Playoff Sportsmanship:


All teams that have maintained a minimum of 2.75 sportsmanship average are eligible for playoffs. The preceeding sportsmanship rules will be assessed all throughout the Playoff Tournament.

* If a team receives between 2.0 and 2.74 rating they must contact the league office and discuss the rating prior to the last five days of the regular season. A decision by the Executive Board will be made at that time as to whether the team will be allowed to continue participation in playoffs. If the team is allowed to continue they must receive between 2.75 and 4.0 rating in the remaining playoff games or be elimainated, regardless of the game outcome.

After the final day of the regular season for each specific division, any team that has a rating below 1.99 will be eliminated from the playoffs, regardless of their regular season record.

The NHSC Executive Board reserves the right, based upon players or teams actions, to enforce any additional penalties against teams receiving Red/Yellow Cards throughout both regular season play and the playoff tournaments.

Ratings will be done by the game officials after the game is completed. Ratings will be posted in the standings.

An Example of How this System Works 


Team A


Game 1 -rating "D" - 1.0 ----- lost, 3-1

Game 2 -rating "C" - 2.0 ----- won, 4-0

Game 3 -rating "B" - 3.0 ----- won, 2-1

Game 4 -rating "C"- 2.0 ----- won, 2-0

Game 5 -rating "D" -1.0 ----- won, 5-4

If the season were to end after game 5, this team would be eliminated from playoff eligibility, regardless of their Won/Loss record (4-1)

The sportsmanship rating for this team is 1.8 - (9 total points divided by 5 games played.) Teams need a 2.75 to be eligible for playoffs.


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