Playing Rules


Rules of the game, as promulgated by the NCAA one year prior to the start of the NHSC season, shall govern this league with these exceptions:

A. Numbered uniforms shirts are mandatory. If opposing teams' uniform colors match, the visiting team is responsible for changing during regular season games. The team with the lower seed is responsible for changing in the play-off games.

B. In case of inclement weather, considered dangerous by the referees, a regulation game will be - Regular Season: 45 minutes (halftime) - Post Season: 70 minutes. These are times that must be played in order to be counted as a complete game. Games not reaching the halfway point or 70 minutes during the post season shall be replayed, schedule permitting (regular season only), from the beginning with a zero - zero score. Game delay will be minimum of one-half hour in duration. Referee decision will be final.

C. Regular season games may end in a tie at the end of the two regulation periods. Play-off games that are tied at the end of regulation time, will be settled by penalty kicks. Only the championship match will have two ten minutes sudden victory overtime periods. If the championship match is still tied at the conclusion of these overtime periods, the penalty kick tiebreaker will be used.

C1. PENALTY KICK TIE BREAKER PROCEDURE- 1.) Referee decides goal to be used. 2.) Coin toss to decide order (kicking first or last). 3.) The Team Representative of each team writes down the 10 different players (in order of taking the kick) to the referee before the kicks are taken. 4.) Goalkeepers can be assigned to take a kick. 5.) Players sent off during the match are not eligible to take these kicks. 6.) Five kicks to be taken by both teams unless the goal differential is greater than the number of kicks remaining. 7.) If the two teams are still tied after 5 kicks, the teams will then begin with additional kicks. The remaining players on the list will take these kicks on a sudden-death basis. 8.) After the 10th kick, the Team Representative will again make another list of 10 players for the next 10 kicks. The players can be the same as the first list and can be rearranged in any order before taking the 11th kick. 9.) Any eligible player may change places with their goalkeeper. 10.) While the penalty shoot-out is in progress, players will remain on the opposite half of the pitch.

D. Substitutes may enter from their team area when beckoned by the referee. An exiting player does not have to be off the field prior to the substitutes' entrance.

Team game rosters shall:

A. Consist of names and jersey numbers of players dressed and ready to play in the impending match.

B. Be handed to the referee prior to said match. The referees may ask to verify player identity by comparing the provided picture ID's of each player on the roster.

C. Held by the referees for the purpose of verifying tournament eligibility for each player.

The following applies to behavior on the field:

A. Any player receiving a red card shall be suspended from the next game actually played. A second red card will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season. The suspensions will be served during the next match. Teams found to have violated this rule shall forfeit the match and the player shall be suspended for the remainder of the season.

B. Any player found guilty of assaulting or threatening a referee shall be suspended from the league for at least 1 calendar year.

C. Any player ejected from a game for violent acts such as, but not limited to, fighting or intent to injure, shall be immediately suspended from the league until an executive committee hearing is held.

D. Notification shall be given to the team representative and/or the player. Receipt of the notification by either person, shall affect the suspension. Nothing in this rule shall prevent the executive committee from suspending a player for flagrant misconduct.

E. Teams, upon accumulation of 5 red cards, shall be suspended for the remainder of the season. All remaining games on the schedule will count as forfeits, just as the game in which the fifth red card was given.


An official referee shall be in charge of league games. The referee shall be an affiliated member of the New Hampshire Soccer Officials Association (NHSOA.) The referee fee of $80 for Senior Division games and $70.00 for High School Division games has been established by the league prior to the season. Games played between Senior Division and High School Division teams teams will pay the higher Sr. Division game fee of $80. Each club shall pay the established fee to one referee prior to the game. If a referee fails to appear for a game, the teams shall split the cost of 150% of the single referee's fee ($40 from each team for Sr. Division and $52.50 from each team for High School Division.) Any referee failing to appear for an assigned match shall be subject to disciplinary action by the league. The league shall have the power to remove any official's name from their list of approved officials and/or require an official to be reexamined before working future league games.


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